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Local materials enhance Ethnic Look decor

 Local materials enhance Ethnic Look decor

When deciding to have an ethnic décor, you must remember that comfort is not a strong point in ethnic furniture as modern furniture is usually more comfortable in home. For using constantly some of the ethnic furnishings may not prove very practical. For this reason totally ethnic décor is rarely found anywhere. It can be used as accents or points of focus for bringing something out. It is usually intermingled with practical and modern pieces.

Having an ethnic style of décor can range from anything like an ancient face, musical instruments, weapons and paintings to photographs of a bygone era. A primary role is played by artifacts.

For an ethnic appearance the flooring should be of stone. According to an interior designer a lot of ethnic material is available including yellow stone, granite, and Attangudi tiles. You may have a combination of a plain floor with some parts having tiles or inlay work of any of the variety of Indian stones available.

If there has to be ethnic décor in the whole living room the detailing would be from floor to ceiling. It can begin from the entrance with an ornate door and carved doorframe going to foot level. In the ancient designs there was a typical step over door frames with heavily curved wooden doors.

Tribal carpets from Kashmir can be used in place of durries. There is amazing tribal art and in an ethnic background they will look arresting. They are priceless antiques as they are made by a certain tribe that is going down in number. They don't cost much compared to silk carpets.

A vital part of ethnic décor is a swing. A well-decorated swing with elaborate pillars can become the focus in the living room. Cushions featuring ethnic upholstery can fill this with a background of planters and durries. Carved rosewood or teakwood sofas with a huge ethnic chair such as a carved Rajasthani chair having inlay work will complement this. On the opposite side you could have a long couch with two Rajasthani chairs on both sides having foldable backs.

You could have a whole wall of stone such as Dholpur stone or different kinds of slates to create an accent with a great ethnic effect. The effect would be complete with a heavily carved wood paneled ceiling. There should not be too much wood as it can make it heavy. In the window space a slim carpet can be hung in the middle with single point gathered curtains on both sides. There could be a backdrop of sheers.

It is better to mix schemes as showing only one theme may be humdrum and loud. One scheme should be highlighted with the remaining décor around it and blending with it.

Floor cushions lined with dull gold on low chairs with durries that go with it will make a nice setting. Guests usually avoid low chairs and floor seats and opt for high backed sofas which are more comfortable. It would be better to have a bench with many cushions and a silk bandhini throw.

A center table made out of a catamaran with a glass top would have a dramatic effect. It can be filled with things for an accent. Camel saddles used as chairs would be interesting but not comfortable. A heavily carved chest will make it complete. On the walls you have pencil drawings of rustic faces of India such as amazing moustaches, fantastic headgears and women at work which will look great against this background. Other pictures can be mixed with this showing a market scene with colours that go with the upholstery. Old musical instruments and weapons will go very well with them.

In the dining section you can have a dining table with a metallic finish or a carved ethnic piece.  Complement this by a carved antique China cabinet. It would be a more striking effect if antique pieces were mixed with modern ones. Too much of the same style does not attract attention.

In a contemporary setting you can bring about the ethnic effect by making one ethic piece of the focus, for example a Rajasthani piece amidst furniture with straight lines. You can use white sheers for the windows in the background. Other aircrafts like sculptures, mirror frames, bells, and paintings will give an ethnic effect to a modern setting in apartments. Usually one finds American style sofas with an ethnic piece and aircrafts to go with it.

For walls you can have a dark color on one wall with a swing or bench in front. The remaining walls should be lighter with color thrown in through artwork and paintings.

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