Friday, 20 February 2015


Through decor a garden receives its character and charm. You should be guided in this by your selection of ornamental features and your personal taste must be reflected in the objects you love to include in the decor for your home
There is a plethora of objects and ornamental features offered to us by today's artistically minded gardeners to improve the outdoors. All kinds of objects such as carved stepping stones, urns and globes as well as fountains are some of the choices. It is for us to use all these in an orderly way. Whenever you choose some- thing for the garden do it thoughtfully as almost anything can be pleasing as a garden ornament. Funky pieces and animals made of ceramic or metal or even shrubbery are just right. 
Stone frogs like a frog reading a book on a bench will be an unusual idea. Your imagination may run riot, it doesn't matter. The frog in this case can be tucked among the leaves or put on a pedestal. The ornaments may be scattered hither and thither in the flower borders or arranged in a row neatly. A flamingo made of plastic can look good if presented in a new way. A cast concrete pig sleeping under a patch work quilt is another funky idea. Faces made of metal will give a modem look and contrast to flowers. Long necked chain and spring sculptures too will look good close to a water body. You have to combine personal selections with other garden features like plants, furnishings and cladding for walks and walls with style and spirit. Much choice is there in garden decor. You can give your individual stamp to the garden by decorative accents. Even if you are a flea market buyer, an art collector or an artist you can choose according to your tastes. 
Combining an original steel work with soft textured grass could be permitted to rust naturally so that it looks like an ancient piece. Terracotta drain tile pieces can be stacked up to form a trickling fountain. You could also introduce an old dining room chair with a seat of cushiony grass. Along with this a set of bowling balls with ceramic bamboo canes crafted with hand can transform the garden. A metal butterfly may give a colorful touch and brightness to a border of flowers. You can also add a lady scarecrow and an old pair of boots in which shrubs can be planted. 
The garden can be imparted old -fashioned grace through an antique lantern hanging below a rose covered pergola. An old watering can with a classic look should be kept ready to sprinkle the flowers. You can paint plain clay or red wood containers with your own style and make the pot water-proof for long life. A birdhouse full of colorful bees and seven dwarfs in metal sitting on top of it will look classic in the middle of the garden. 
A concrete molded fountain against wall or tree trunk will look great. Vividly colored stucco walls with a bit offered optic light sculpture will look intriguing at day or night. Modem art will give new life to the place. A large sculpture can make a daring statement. 
Creativity has no end in doing wonders to your garden with your imagination. If your garden is small mirrors can be used with windows and paint to multiply images in the space. Old mirror pieces kept amongst the plants near a fence will reflect light surprisingly but should be kept away from children or pets. If there is a garage or patio ending suddenly it can be made to look like a jungle garden with the means of art work.

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