Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Selection of Building Materials & Other Tips

 Selection of Building Materials
  • Use more materials that are ecologically sound and breathe, e.g. bricks and wood breathe where as steel, concrete and glass do not. Even adobe bricks, soil stabilized bricks are better (Apartments for rent in Bangalore).
  • Avoid materials that are hazardous, e.g. paints that have harmful solvents, modified timber derivatives which use formaldehyde which give out vapors, asbestos fiber which cause asbestosis.
  • Regarding lighting, give priority to health aspects. Sun light has many advantages.
  • Ensure all workplaces have day light.
  • Use windows that can be opened. (This is very essential in our situation where electric supply is erratic. In our house air conditioning makes the air drier. If the filters are not cleaned frequently, the air we breathe is also of doubtful quality. In centralized air conditioning, the design is based on number of air charges per hour. As part of the air is returned, it has been observed that it some times contains cigarette smoke)
  • Use window glazing that do not allow ultraviolet rays through.
  • Use natural light especially in stairs and corridors.
  • Restrict electrical installations to a minimum.
  • Minimize air conditioning (House for rent in Bangalore).
  • Avoid use of ceiling boards; they invite accumulation of dirt and fungus. The frame work above may attract movements of rats.
  • Use low temperature heating system.
  • Avoid heavy drapes: They invite cockroaches and lizards in tropics.
  • Avoid drinking water use for production, flushing etc.
  • Use grey water (water from bath) for alternate use wherever possible.
  • Collect rain water and use it for gardening, washing and cleaning.
  • Equip toilets with water saving devices, even in kitchens (like water saving taps) if large volumes are consumed.
  • Plan waste disposal in our house.
  • Install system that separates biodegradable from others.
  • Install waste processor.
  • Organize compost for organic waste.
  • Keep the top soil excavated separately and use it for land scape.
  • Minimize paving, allow the soil to breathe, minimize sealing of surface by using concrete and asphalt.
  • Use interlocking sets on compacted gravel (They can be used for drive ways also if built properly.) They allow rain water to soak in, create seepage pond.
  • Use indigenous plants; they resist the local pests best. Give preference to native shrubs and pond.
  • Do not use organic manure or weedicides and pesticides
  • Use roof top for gardening, solar energy collection(Plots for sale in Bangalore)
  • Plant climbers wherever possible to be heat shield for walls.

One can perhaps, add to the above list many more do’s and don’ts. 

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