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Since time immemorial interior surfaces of homes have been beautified by artisans and craftsmen with decorative paint techniques.These treatments that attract the eye are in vogue today for the purpose of camouflaging or improving design details or just adding some class to a sober décor.

The main elements of expression in home design are texture, color and form.  The structure of the environment is shaped by form and the mood is affected by color and texture. A room can be made colorful through the paint medium with its unlimited shades and methods that open up a new dimension of décor.

Methods of decorative painting are of two types:The first type has faux finishes  (faux means false in French) consisting of faux marbling, faux wood graining and Trompe l’oeil (to fool the eye) meaning to copy a real object or material. In the latter category is a style which forms realistic central points or vistas by freehand application.Another class of decorative painting methods consists of treatments that only decorate.In such are included sponging, ragging,combing, stenciling etc that are some of the adorning finishes to liven up interiors.

For simulating rich surfaces without the cost of expensive building material marbling and wood graining are best.Through faux marbling an illusion of the aristocratic natural stone is created in small to large spaces.As natural marble has depth and a variety of color it permits faux painters much liberty to produce finishes ranging from vivid to simple.The skill of applying various color paints to a uniform base coat is known as sponging and it accomplishes a finish that is multitone.It gives depth and texture to any wall and the depth increases according to the number of colors sponged over the base coat. Shades and sponge tints of the same hue as that of the base coat produce an air of calmness.

In dragging a simple method is used made of only dragging a dry brush across a wet glaze that is applied over a base coat.It produces the texture of fine linen or grass paper.For making a strong visual statement complementary colors should be utilized.For a subdued effect tints and hues of the same color should be used.

Combing is another type of dragging in which a comb is dragged through a wet glaze applied on a dry base coat.Various kinds of patterns may come with this method, e.g. Straight, moiré,wavy, crosshatched and basket weave.  The size of comb is according to the scale of the wall. If it is a large wall a wide comb is used and for small walls a narrow comb is used. A restful atmosphere is created through this and therefore it is useful in bedrooms.

An impression of light-hearted joy can be created through splattering color.It is an ancient technique of decorating walls.Using a splatter machine with nozzles that can be adjusted droplets of paint are sprayed on walls.A subtle effect is created when the base coat and splatter color are shades of the same color and an effect of confetti is created when several contrasting colors are used. Through stenciling walls can be decorated by emphasizing an edge or emulating a fabric print. It improves the décor of a room.Stencil borders can be done at any height, whether along the ceiling, at a chair rail height or around a window or door casing..It is not used only in borders but an illusion of wall paper can be created with a print matching that of the fabrics utilized in interiors.

A method of hiding rough or uneven surfaces is known as ragging especially if flat paint is used both for the base and the glaze.Diverse textures are concocted with different effects that depend on the texture of the fabric and the haphazard wrinkles in the rag. Children’s bedrooms which entail a lot of wear and tear are suitable for this method of painting.

The proportions of the room and our personal tastes and creative ideas determine the category of pattern one chooses.During the festive season especially, walls can be dressed up in an exotic and innovative way.


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