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The property market throughout the Country is down having no consumers seeable.This is often the condition once there's seventieth housing shortage within the Country.Housing shortage exists within the seven states specifically in state, geographical region, state, Bihar, Rajasthan, province and Tamilnadu. The housing shortage is within the Low financial gain cluster and therefore the Economically Weaker Section class.The urban housing shortage is owing to the Builders and Investors and their greed for a lot of profits within the freshly launched comes.This conclusion is of the Ministry of Housing and impoverishment alleviation.

In Mumbai, the property sale registration has declined by five-hitter within the last 3 months. A modest flat of around five hundred sq.ft. (Super settled area) in without is cost accounting up to Rs. one large integer and generally even a lot of. And therefore the average vendee should purchase a flat of up to Rs.40-50 Lakhs solely with the housing loan.This is often the final situation in the majority different railway line Cities in Asian country and therefore, increasing slums within the urban areas.To unravel this acute housing shortage drawback, dedicated efforts are required by all involved. The housing boards within the Country ought to be ready to construct homes of around three hundred sq.ft. On mass scale in urban areas and railway line Cities.

Conjointly a brand new breed of Builders and Developers are required to construct little housing units in urban areas and massive Cities for reasonable housing phase. The housing loans are given on subsidized interest rates.The government and Municipal firms ought to conjointly revamp their building arrange approval procedures and create it time sure.The taxation is reduced to a quarter on little three hundred sq.ft. Homes and conjointly different taxes on building construction materials employed in constructing homes for lower financial gain teams.The National Housing Bank will play a significant role by giving loans to construct little homes on subsidized rates.

Above all,a time sure and sensible arrange by all involved be created and enforced to unravel this national drawback.Little homes made on a mass scale can also provide comes to the Builders and housing boards and per se they ought to be promoted while not losing time.


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