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The distinctive feature of flats is that the owner of a unit within the lodging building can possess and revel in his property subject to many restrictions. Such an owner won't get absolute possession over the land on that the apartment house is built and he solely gets an undivided share in it. Not solely this, he has got to use the common areas and therefore the facilities like support case, elevator, basement, natatorium, recreation centre, community hall, etc., in co-ordination and co-operation with alternative lodging house owners. Underneath such peculiar circumstances, so as to offer a protracted life to the apartment house, it'd be applicable that each one major repair to the apartment house be administrated at least once in 10 years whereas the periodical white laundry and minor repairs will be administrated as and once needed. Then, the immediate question that arises would be: What represent Major Works.  Normally, the subsequent kinds of works ar thought-about as major works of repair:

Water  Proofing  :
Whenever surki is employed as water proof course the surki become weak over a amount of your time and damages seem within the roof leading to leakages within the roof of the highest floors.If correct slope isn't given, the waterproof course gets broken early. If unwanted article of furniture and alternative materials are drop within the terrace, the terrace does get broken early. to stop such leakages,the civil engineers recommend replacement waterproof course and surface treatment of the complete roof surface requiring many lakhs of rupees.

Instead of polishing off total surface treatment, if solely patches are repaired, then there's each risk of frequent repairs since new patches could seem among a handful of days. It is, therefore, necessary to treat the complete surface or give higher style of water proofing with adequate slope to empty off fresh water and this treatment could stay intact for five to ten years.  However, in buildings wherever tiles are provided on the terrace, repairs and leakages drawback may well be less.

Water  Supply:
A number of high rise buildings are arising in most of the subway cities that need borewell in every such high rise building. This results within the depletion of underground water level. bit by bit the yield within the  existing bore wells would get reduced requiring any deepening of such  borewells.This work of deepening of bore wells can price many thousand rupees.

Similarly, the G.I. pipes within the bore wells and therefore the pipes within the sump tanks do ordinarily get rusty once twelve years of installation.  Therefore, these pipes need to get replaced. Now-a-days, plastic rust proof unbreakable pipes are on the market. The replacements price many thousands of rupees counting on the depth of the bore wells. The installation pipes feeding water to individual flats conjointly need replacement as and once they get drained requiring large quantity of expenditure.

Lifts :
Normally, once usage of 12-15 years, the present lifts could need replacement.  Presently, the minimum price of a elevate would be concerning Rs. 5 lakhs.  

Motor  Pumps :
In an apartment house, as massive quantities of water are needed to be wired to overhead tanks, usage of motor pumps for long durations on a daily basis becomes necessary.  Such long hour’s usage of water pumps would have an effect on the functioning of such pumps requiring frequent repairs or replacement that purpose fairly smart chunk of cash is needed. Pumps and motors may at the most effective serve us for twelve to fifteen years and therewith they need replacement.

Electrical  Wiring:
It would be dangerous to still use the previous and broken electrical wires in an apartment house.  Complete electrical wiring and meter board could got to get replaced a minimum of once a lapse of twelve to fifteen years.

Sewer  Lines :
The next major work of maintenance is to repair the leaky sewer lines caused as a result of damages within the existing sewer pipes or joints. Sewer lines returning down from the flats conjointly need replacement cost accounting goodish expenditure.

In an apartment house, the amount of vehicles would ordinarily be a lot of and as a result of frequent movement of vehicles, pavements do get broken terribly oft. So as to keep up the apartment house inhabitable, correct repairs of pavements is critical. Therefore, pavement all around the building could get to be repaired or replaced with concrete or slabs relying upon the condition of the present surface.

Apartment house owners and tenants got to pay maintenance fee for the amenities and repair enjoyed by them within the apartment house. Expense incurred for the upkeep of common space is shared among residents of lodging and financial gain is distributed among lodging house owners. Lodging house owners type an association for aggregation the upkeep fee and association works for the welfare of homeowners and residents of lodging. To undertake of these major repairs/replacement of utilities, the lodging house owners Society/Association ought to have decent funds within the variety of “Sinking Fund”. From out of the monthly maintenance charges collected by the lodging house owners association from its members, it's fascinating that a substantial proportion ought to be reserved towards for fund to fulfill the expenditure on major repairs. 

If lodging house owners Society/Association doesn't have decent funds at its disposal and fund isn't maintained, assortment of extra charges from the occupants would be a Herculean task for the workplace bearers. The common expenses can embody the amounts determined to be collectible in and of it by the Society or Association.It includes expenses like expense of administration, maintenance, repair or replacement of common areas and facilities. See you later as there are no dispute, any system that is suitable to all or any the lodging house owners will be enforced on the premise of agreement.

There are varied ways of calculation of maintenance charges. the subsequent ar some:
a)Flat  Monthly  Fee:
Under this methodology, lodging owners association or society calculates the full maintenance charge and divides equally amongst all the flat owners. In an apartment house, there could also be flats with completely different sizes. Underneath this method no matter size of the flat, all flat house owners are paying equal maintenance fee. This method is usually followed wherever flats ar of constant size.

b)Per sq.  feet  rate:
Under this methodology, variable rate relying upon sq. feet of every lodging or flat is charged. Larger the sq. feet in hand, higher are monthly maintenance fee. This is often wide practiced in lodging societies with completely different sizes of flats. The logic behind this being that since you've got bought the flat on the premise of is you need to pay the upkeep on constant basis. 

Partial  flat  rate:
Under this methodology, the association or society charges flat rate for a restricted sq. feet and for every extra unit of sq.ft. There’ll be an additional charge. For instance, the flat house owners who own up to a thousand sq.ft. Are charged at a set rate and for each extra one hundred sq.ft. There’ll be an additional two per cent charge of maintenance fee. During this case, all flat house owners with a thousand sq.ft.Pay equal quantity however the flat house owners of 1100 sq.ft., 1200 sq.ft. And 1500 sq.ft. Pay higher quantity towards monthly maintenance fee relying upon the scale of their flat.


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