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A home décor in modern days is incomplete without light fixtures. Stained glass lampshades find a unique place.Stained glass lamp shades are available in a variety of color, design and material.Ceiling fixtures-flushed or semi-flushed ones, wall scores, chandeliers, globes, billiard lamps, pendant lamps are some of the varieties of stained glass lamp shades available. Table lamps are also available wherein the bases are generally made up of brass, bronze, wrought iron, or wood. To get best overall results one must have one focal light fixture in a large or medium size room with these kind of lampshades. The making of a stained glass lampshade involves extraordinary craftsmanship. The craftsman must join the pieces which should be extremely fine.This piece of craft is extremely unique because each piece is different and makes it exclusive too.This procedure makes the lamp shade look as authentic as possible.

Lamp shades are designed in various patterns. It can have the design of a flower, fruit, leaves, birds or any geometric patterns. Similarly, a range of colors can be used for getting scintillating effect. Often, two or three colours are used at a time so that when it is fitted it blends with other home décor. In order to create different textures, clear glass, rippled, mottled glass, beveled glass are used. For example, the wings of a butterfly need to be more luminous, so this requires thin glass. The body of the butterfly requires thicker glass.

While selecting a stained glass lamp shade one must insist on having the provision to connect it to a power point. Flaw or cracks if any, can be detected only when light streams through it.

Another thing one has to keep in mind while selecting a lamp shade is the purpose of the lamp. That is, for the purpose of reading, we require shades with light or pastel color glass. Similarly, the size of the lamp shade must be proportionate with the size of the room. The lamp shade must not get lost in a large room. The purpose of the lamp shade is to stand out in a room and beautify the room.


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