Wednesday, 23 April 2014


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Although all the modern households use cooking gas in the kitchen, it would be a source of danger, if there is a gas leak. Inspite of all our precautions, accidents may happen. This danger can be averted by utilising a device known as a gas leak detected by this device.

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are useful in altering people, when a fire breaks out.Glass break detectors assist in detecting an unwanted person by sensing the noise, which is made by breaking of glass. When an unsuspecting intruder walks through the passive infrared rays used in the motion detectors, it catches him/her by setting off an alarm.

Video door phones are now very much in vogue, as they help you to see the person who is outside the door before opening it. The age old method of installing a burglar alarm is always wise.Common sense plays a crucial part in assuring security, with or without these gadgets. Here, are some tips on using this faculty in the most sensible manner to make sure that you and your Home, both are safe.

The front door must never be left unattended, even when you are in the House. Don’t make the mistake of hiding a House key outside the House in order to find it, if you forget your keys. When leaving Home, you should not leave any message on the answering machine saying that you are leaving Home and when you will be back.

Use pin tumbler locks for your doors.Avoid growing a tall hedge around your Home. It may give privacy, but it also provides a convenient place for a cook to hide in. Ensure good lighting for the outdoors which will easily reveal the presence of intruders. Whenever, you leave the kitchen make sure to switch off the gas. Never leave burning candles or agarabathis unattended.

It is a sad reminder of the State of our World that crime rates are raising. Nothing is able to withstand the ingenuity of modern criminals who want to break in. Fortunately, modern surveillance gadgets are also becoming more advanced and if we exercise our common sense, it will help us along with these security systems to beat the crooks at their own game.


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