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In modern living, lighting of house we live in plays an important role. Contemporary Lighting Technology can create right ambience for a happy and healthy living.  An intelligent exploitation of lighting can enhance the look of interior spaces resulting in economy in consumption of energy, better feeling for the occupants and less effort in carrying out day to day activities. It is worth the effort because it forms a significant percentage in the cost of construction.

Harnessing of fire and with that acquiring ability to create artificial light at will was an important step in the progress of civilization. Sun the giver of light and warmth has been worshipped as God from the dawn of civilization. The value of light as an instrument to increase the day light hours and extend the work hours encouraged efforts at finding out ways and means of producing better and better and reliable producer of light. Latest still in the process of perfection and cost cutting to affordable prices. Experts identify six ways of use viz, Task, Accent, Ambient, Decorative, Informative and General.

Task lighting
Task lighting is that which makes a task easier to perform, strain free and pleasant example, a light that makes reading or preparation ingredient in a kitchen platform.Properly designed task lighting makes task performance easier by focusing, elimination of shadow, giving right type of cool temperature and rendering.

Accent lighting
Accent lighting enhances various details of a space or an object to reveal its texture, color, form or/and pattern; example, a fireplace or an art piece in Museum gallery.

Ambient lighting
Ambient lighting is the type that illuminates a space. For example, a room from several sources and sets a minimum level of lighting which is comforting to the beholder. Ambient lighting is done mostly by reflecting off the surfaces and rarely by direct incidence. Ambient lighting does not focus on anything in particular.It helps a person who is working in task light focused area to look into surrounding darker space immediately.  If surrounding is not lighted at all eye finds it difficult to adjust suddenly.This causes strain.

Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting is a type which does not have any obligation to anything else but itself. The object emits light that showoff like a lighted chandelier. All the effort is to make itself center of attraction.

Informative lighting
Informative lighting lights area which supplies some information to the viewer which helps him to become aware of certain things he should know.  Most common example is an Exit sign in a cinema hall. One can quote many examples such as lighted sign indicating the position of an escalator and highlights how to use it properly or stop it in the face of a danger.

General lighting
General lighting is the type which is provided with no particular purpose in mind but just to dispel darkness viz., a bulb hanging centrally from a pendant in a room as was the routine in our houses fifty years ago.

Color, texture and patterns of walls
Next thing one shall have to know is about the color, texture and patterns on the wall, ceiling and floor space of the room which is to be lighted.These too influence the nature of the light provided. For example, if the purpose of space is to indicate warmth and if the walls are already painted in some shade of red then the lighting required will have to match with the color of the wall.

Color Temperature Index
There are other factors also which are peculiar to some situations like in a shop which sells saris the requirement is how the cloth will look in natural day light. So if you know Color Temperature Index (CTI) of bulb that would be an added advantage.CTI is given in some other countries on the packing.  But in India we only give wattage and supply voltage.Direct midday sunlight is 5500 K (Kelvin) where as a candle is 2000K and incandescent light of 40 watts may be 2500 K.

Armed with the above knowledge it would be better if an expert in lighting is called now and lighting of the house is worked out and cost estimated. An intelligent use of the combination of lights, painting of walls, ceilings and floors and choice of matching furniture upholstery and furnishing lends a gratifying atmosphere. 


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