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Wooden floorings impart an ageless elegance to the entire home. Easy to install and maintain, and resistant to stain, scratch and termites, it is one of the best options for flooring.

Whenever a guest enters a house,it is the floor which first grabs his attention. It sets the scene for the residence, and everybody wants that to be grand and attractive.Whether one is planning to construct a new home or redoing an old one, floorings are available in a variety of designs.Wood floorings and its variations retain splendor year after year.A complete range of laminates and parquet flooring is available in the market nowadays, and some have a guarantee of up to 20 years. Entrepreneurs while renovating homes,dress up entire rooms with wooden floorings.

The main advantage of wooden floorings is that it is resistant to scratches. A marble or granite floor can get scratched but not wooden floors. The overall cost is a bit high, but elegance cannot be measured in terms of money. Wooden floorings suit bedrooms particularly, giving it a sure and lasting base. Wood floorings are practical, look beautiful and can be cleaned easily and quickly.They are floors for all seasons,where one can find functionality and attractiveness blending harmoniously.

Here are some important features of wooden floorings and tips for their installation:

Easily Repairable
Wooden laminated flooring can be laid in 24 hours. Eight mm thick, it can be laid onto an existing floor, and in case of damage the damaged part can be removed and replaced without removing the entire flooring.They are water and moisture resistant, and come in a range of colors.

Wooden floorings can be laid as a floating floor.It is not fixed to old floor coverings like tiles or marble and can be simply installed over the existing floor.

Wood is selected with great care nowadays, as per very strict standards, and requires no maintenance at all,and is guaranteed for up to 20 years.It will retain its finish for at least 10 years and one need not polish, lacquer or do anything at all. The only maintenance needed is regular cleaning and daily mopping with a wet cloth, and that will make it instantaneously look new.

Nowadays extremely scratch resistant wood are available and they can easily withstand the regular wear and tear that a floor is normally put through.They absorb sound and heat and are insulated against them. They absorb significant quantities of sound through the grooves on their underside. Wooden panels can not only provide a sparkling flooring alternative but can be used as wall paneling too.

These floors are made in such a way that they can not only resist the indentations caused by high heels, but also those caused by heavy furniture over prolonged periods.

They are resistant to almost everything including stain, scratch, fade, impacts, termites and abrasion. Laminated floorings are comparatively cheaper than hardwood floors.

Ideal for rough use
Wood floorings are ideal for both home and office and they are available in a range of colors and styles, suitable for residential, commercial and hospitality use. They are ideal for the bedroom,dining room, kitchen, play areas, boutique, music rooms etc. They are also widely used at reception counters, showrooms, and living rooms where a sense of warmth is of utmost importance.

There are various varieties to suit different spaces-Maple, Cherry, Beech etc. Wooden floorings installed without glue are clipped together and can be laid in ladder or checker board pattern.They fit into each other giving a perfect fit and can be easily removed too.Wood retains its luster and cheer for years and is a feast for the eyes.They are impressive and each floor will remain a masterpiece of design.The floor blends without dividing patches offering technical perfection and artistic excellence.


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