Tuesday, 15 April 2014


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Bangalore is expanding at an unimaginable pace especially in the last two to three dacades. Villages and Towns at the outskirts have merged into the present Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) because of this development.Nearly, 110 villages and 7(Seven) town municipalities are included in the present BBMP limits.  Agricultural lands have been converted to residential, commercial, industrial purposes.This has lead to springing up of monotonous concrete jungles everywhere. 

In recent years many private layouts have come up without wide roads, basic civil amenities, electricity, sewerage lines etc. In these layouts on the narrow roads, multistoried buildings are coming up creating traffic jams endangering the lives of the pedestrians.Such developments are very dangerous since fire tenders cannot reach such narrow places in case of accidental fires as witnessed in Mumbai and other cities recently.Uncontrolled and unplanned mushrooming of private layouts has resulted in haphazard growth of the city. The quality of life of the citizens living these layouts is badly affected due to lack of basic amenities. 

Hundreds of multistoried residential and commercial buildings are coming up on the outskirts, which is fast changing the skyline of the city. This type of growth has resulted in further problems like inadequate infrastructure, transportation, water scarcity, sanitary facilities etc. In recent times Bangalore is evidencing this kind of phenomenon.Land costs have increased by leaps and bounds which is unaffordable even by the middle class people let alone lower income group people. The infrastructure is cracking in almost all the areas. 

The Government must come up with a comprehensive plan even for formation of private layouts – imposing strict norms for providing broader roads, proper sanitary and sewerage lines, enough lung spaces like provision for parks etc. Multistoried apartment and commercial buildings should not be allowed on narrow roads in such layouts. The height of the buildings must be restricted to only two or three stories only on such narrow roads. This will arrest the uncontrolled growth of the city, avoiding too much burden on the infrastructure and transportation facilities. 

The Government must act fast and come out with a master plan for the planned growth of Bangalore City with civic amenities, adequate infrastructure and a reliable efficient transport system and stop the present haphazard growth of the city.


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