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When warming up of the Globe has become the threatening reality to the inhabitants of the world, it is natural to come across various other follow-up ill effects or possible adverse impacts on mankind. Though large scale effects of universal magnitude are impossible to be arrested, some harmful influences could be warded off by following certain other scientifically proved measures or precautions.

Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is one such harmful emanation. Human skin has to be guarded against it. Many recommended creams promise to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the Sun. Our Homes also do need protection against it. People have become aware of this. It damages the interiors. Sunlight's ultraviolet rays could prove to be destructive inside the house in many ways. They not only fade furniture and carpets but also affect upholstery and drapery fabrics. The ultraviolet rays make fabrics fade fast and fibers weak, reducing their lifespan. They make the wooden furniture unevenly colored and brittle. Paintings and art work lose their original colors due to the impact of ultraviolet rays. They make the carpets lose their original sheen, looking dull and lifeless. Even the fresh flowers in vases wilt in no time. All of them need special protection against ultraviolet rays of the Sun. This increasing consciousness is felt in modem homes that are generally designed featuring large expanses of windows and glass doors to let in more natural light.

Just as sunscreen lotions protect the skin, the sunscreens work for the window coverings. The right window covering can block up to 99percent of ultraviolet rays. They are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. For every decorating style we choose, there are countless options available, that it is no less an arduous task than choosing the right sunscreen with the right SPF to suit the skin type. The higher a product's ultraviolet blockage rating, the better a home's interior is protected from ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen shades generally come in two layers with tilted vanes in-between. The degree to which vanes are tilted determines the amount of light that seeps in. While a slight tilt offers a softened view of the outside, still filtering out the bad rays. Complete closure offers 99 per cent protection against the ill-effects of ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen shades are perfect window treatment options when a room has too much exposure to the sun's rays. Number of home owners are following the trend of using sunscreen shades for window dressing. People have realized the advantage of using sunscreens for the windows. Installing a window covering with a high ultraviolet blockage rating can save home owners thousands over the years by protecting both the furniture and furnishing. Sunscreen shades come with different sun blocking properties. These are easy to manage and are almost maintenance-free. The most they require is to be dusted and washed occasionally. The ease of maintenance and its simple elegance had made these shades extremely popular.

In addition to their main function of keeping out the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays they help in other various beneficial ways. When sunscreens are used for our windows it effects a reduction in cost of air-conditioning. The reason is that sunscreens are believed to reflect up to 70percent of the sun's rays during summer, keeping the inside of our homes naturally cool. They also reduce the glare of the Sun. Sunscreens are useful not only in summer but also during winter. For they are helpful in retaining almost 25percent of the inside heat in winter, keeping us warm to a certain extent. They cut energy costs and increase the lifespan of furniture and furnishings.

Nowadays interior designers are very much after sunscreen shades. They are custom-made to the extent of matching the upholstery to the sunscreen shade of one’s choice to accent ones decor. 

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