Friday, 17 January 2014


While the IT sector dominates the single-tenant office segment, multitenant office complexes are home to a cocktail of professional and business enterprises a variable beehive of entrepreneurial activity. The office complex is an umbrella term that covers a gamut of services provided by these businesses, which intentionally or otherwise support one another, to become a self contained unit. Occupants and visitors alike are benefitted from this one stop shop like effect and its resulting efficient and productive use of time-a big draw in a city plugged with frequent traffic gridlocks.

The goal of the building, through its spatial planning, is to provide occupants with viable ways to support organizational performance and to deliver economic value. Column-free office spaces allow for optimal space utilization especially for work stations while absence of beams yields more precious ceiling height invaluable for accommodating air-conditioning ducting. Adequate toilets and easy access to the ducts that house electrical telecommunications and data wiring, balconies and terraces to house ACs compressors all collectively forming the quintessence of a successful business.

An efficient building maintenance staff provides for parking attendants around the clock security, ensures that the plumbing and sanitation are well maintained and that the acoustically housed generators provide uninterrupted power supply during shutdowns.

The lower floors of a building is typically occupied by banks and book stores, retailers of jewelers and clothing, even furniture and sports equipment and more art galleries and life style store creates an exhilarating integration of business and art while florists and hair salons rub shoulders. Coffee bar restaurants with fine dining, salad bars and fast food takeaways are omnipresent catering to all preference of cuisines. The ubiquitous photocopier and printer kiosks as always a cracking busy place.

The quieter upper floors are the preserve of professionals and consultants, busy people with time constraints who want for themselves and provide for others value for money satisfaction and also value comfort convenience and pleasant surroundings. 

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