Monday, 20 January 2014

KITCHEN- An Extension of Living Room

Has the living room moved into the kitchen or has the kitchen moved into the living room? Either way today's kitchens have become living spaces for getting together with friends and family and a creative workplace that involves the use of the best and most convenient appliances.

No longer do we find a divide between the living room and kitchen, as it's the open kitchen that has become common in many homes. While planning an open kitchen, there are three major aspects you should pay attention to kitchen appliances and gadgets, cookware, and proper storage space for them. An open kitchen becomes part of your living room and thus it has to be aesthetically designed and elegant, and at the same time, be extremely functional and invoke culinary inspiration.

It's all about gadgets:
With cooking and cuisme playing such an integral role in our daily lives, it's not surprising that everyone is looking for the trendiest gadgets and the best in kitchen design. At one time, kitchen gadgets were limited to probably the grinding stones, whereas today the number of gadgets available in stores is mind- boggling.

The cooking process has been made so much simpler with the umpteen appliances that one can choose from. Each appliance performs a different function and so you have juicers, rice cookers, microwave ovens, toasters, blenders, mixers, deep fryers, and so on. Invest in those appliances that you actually would make most use of and those that are multi-functional, like the food processor for instance, are a good buy as one gadget performs a variety of tasks and thus consume less space. Some people who opt for a fully equipped open kitchen for their new apartment buy all the appliances to be used daily and ensure that the kitchen platform is designed in such a way so as to accommodate them all and also make sure that there are enough electrical outlets.

There are fancy cooking ranges available nowadays. These are fitted onto the countertop thus allowing the space below to be used for storage and other purposes. A dishwasher is also a good investment for those who use plenty of ceramic and porcelain dining ware.

Cooking in style:
 When you have an open kitchen, you definitely don't want to have any old aluminum or steel utensils staring at your guests and family. There's a wide range of cookware you can pick up from stores in material like copper, melamine, ceramic, stainless steel, and non-stick. You will of course have separate cooking and serving dishes. So while copper, non-stick and stainless steel are good for cooking, you can use beautiful ceramic, melamine, wooden and china dishes for serving those gourmet meals. Casseroles, pots, pans, spoons, spatulas etc are a part of every chefs needs. Dinner sets are available in plenty of colors and designs, and it's best to have one set for daily use and another for formal entertaining. A lady with her husband and two small children says that stainless steel is used when it is just the family and this is a good idea especially when one has children. Most of the Indian Households prefer stainless steel. It is not fragile and it is long lasting while care has to be taken that children do not get their hands on them.

Last but not to least, kitchen linen. Many people forget to invest in good quality kitchen linen and when one has a lovely kitchen, beautiful kitchen linen is a must to complement it.

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