Thursday, 16 January 2014


Your main door is the most important feature of your house. It is like the mouth of your house, a threshold to your inner world. You definitely, would like to design it in such a way that if faces your best direction (based on your date of birth, whether you are on East or a West group person) so that every

The does and don'ts for a main door:
1. Main entrance should be bigger than the other doors.

2. If the main door is in two parts, please use both of them.

3. Let your main door open fully without any hindrance.

4. Let the main entrance be brightly lit to welcome positive energy. Have electrical connection properly fitted there.

5. Most important is that the main entrance should not directly face staircase, either going down or up. This applies to inner staircase also. When a staircase faces the front door directly, one can get hit by severe bad luck. If you must have, then get the last three steps turned away from main door.

6. See that no doors open facing a set of stairs going up and down, specially the main door.

7. Please do not design a toilet directly over a main entrance, or facing it, as you enter, if it does then all the good energy entering your house flushes away.

9. No roads should come straight to the main door. You can avoid buying flat at the end of a long corridor too.

10. Main door and the back door in a straight line must be avoided. This causes the energy flow out of the house immediately. This holds for a window also which is in a direct line to the main door.

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