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Office functioning from home

 Office functioning from home
The trend of fixed working hours, a regular working place and monotonous routine has become the thing of the past. Nowadays, the prime aim being efficient and fast completion of the projects on hand, it becomes immaterial from where the work is done. Though not in all centres, some private concerns has offered this option to its employees of working from their homes. Many people of different professions prefer to work from home these days. It is possible to maintain a professional decor at one's home. Though the wonderful concept might have its origin from western countries, it has become a common occurrence in India. Long before also we have witnessed the front verandah of the home invariably transformed into a shop or office from where one conducted one's day-to-day activities, while simultaneously enjoying the satisfaction and comfort of spending the working hours at Home.
Today working from home is not restricted to just one section of the business class. Anyone and every one of varieties of professions from the corporate employees to lawyers to teachers to tailors carry on their daily business from home. Therefore, it is of vital importance for homes with such working people, to have exclusive office areas so that their private domestic world does not clash with the special demands of professional lives.

If the own individual house or flat is being built, then one of the front corner rooms along with an attached bathroom could be assigned as the work zone. If the room has large windows it will cut down the cost of the electricity bills as the windows will let in natural light and air for most of the day.
The entrance door of this room can be fixed in the outer wall of the house or it could open into the verandah of the home for increased security.
If by chance there is no other option except to use the already existing premises, then the following few alterations could be made.

It is best to avoid expensive are facts or articles that have sentimental value as décor items in office rooms as it could be very upsetting when they are damaged inadvertently by a stranger. The number of lucky charms pictures or idols of Gods or holy sages and sayings that are framed could be limited, so that it need not resemble a puja room. If the décor of the room adds to the functional value then it will appear more meaningful.
The furnishings of this room should be removed from the décor of the rest of the home in terms of the colors of the walls, the carpet, the furniture and curtains to give it that official look. For easy cleaning and regular maintenance in the long run it will be best to keep each of them simple and at the same time made up of sturdy material.
One of the walls of the room could be adorned with huge notice board on which the motto, inspirational pictures and sayings, copies of deadlines, reminders, notes or instructions to an assistant and a list of things that need to be attended to immediately, all could be displayed.
But it should be seen that the notice board does not look shabby or cluttered. Some interesting information, greeting cards sent by clients or partners or a funny joke or picture from time to time could be pinned up to attract the attention of even regular clients to the board.
If some space is available, a tiny notice board can be put up with necessary information like timings, nature of work carried out among other things.
If the room does not have in-built shelves, a couple of ready-made ones to stock the files, samples and records could be bought from the market. A water cooler or a filter in the room will take care of the thirst of the clients. If the room is large enough a single sofa or divan can be placed along with a coffee table besides housing an office table and a couple of chairs.  A flower vase with fresh flowers or some healthy indoor potted plants will add that lively green touch to the room. A clock and calendar in the room can help in keeping track of time.
To have a perfect professional look it should be seen that the room is not cluttered with stocks or household items. The premises being small should always be kept clean.

All these arrangements will give the clients a feel of professional set up while at the same time giving the inmates of the home a sense of privacy and security. This will give job satisfaction, tension free atmosphere along with the Home comfort.

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