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There have been several myths surrounding Vaastu Shastra in the past few years.The increasing demand of flats has somersaulted the norms of Vaastu Shastra in Metro cities.Designing an individual house or bungalow as per Vaastu is much earlier than doing the same incase of apartments.It is but obvious for a layman to remain confused about the Vaastu concepts.
Here are some tips you can keep in mind while selecting a flat.
1.The flat must be or symmetrical in share such as rectangular or square but not circular or oval. 

2.Vaastu Shastra doesn’t allow cutting of any corner but in big apartments it becomes difficult locate flats without cut corners so try and avoid flats with must corners in north/east/ north-east and regarding cut in any other direction consult a Vaastu Consultant. 

3.Usually people give preference to the entrance while in flats the direction of Balconies/windows should is more important.Balconies and windows should be on the north,east or north-east direction.Flat must have eastern balcony which is important and auspicious.The apartment should not fall on the dead end of the road.

4.There should be more openness in North/east sides as compared to South/West sides i.e. the layout of the flat should be such that maximum weight bearing furniture is kept in the south and west of the premises. 

5.Check that lift should not directly face the entrance. 

6.Study table of children must be kept towards east so that the student face east while studying. 

7.Kitchen and toilets should not be adjacent in a flat if unavoidable shall be treated. 

8.The master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house.

9.The drawing room should be in northeast east or northwest of the flat. 

10.The kitchen must be situated in the southeast.The cook should face east while cooking. 

11.The kitchen should never all in Northeast side. 

12.The position of the bed should be in such a way that one sleep with head towards South. 

13.Headrest is north is a big no-no hence shall be strict avoided. 
14.The washroom should be constructed in the west of north-west direction. 

15.The toilet should never all in Northeast side. 

16.There should be a place for the worshiping room in the Northeast part with deities facing west and devotees facing east.


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