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A dwelling or work place should have the quality of freshness which can be achieved through the art of planning and construction as well as other qualities which the owner aspires to in his property.There is a broad classification of buildings into residential,commercial, institutional and industrial types.
There is a variation in design according to these types of purposes. Urbanization has led to an ever increasing requirement to make residences, shopping areas and recreational spaces available to people. These needs are recorded and responded to by architecture.
The history of Indian building architecture is an exhilarating mix of architectural and political influences which have provided a cue to let go all the underlying,buried creativity.Many styles have come up pinpointing pioneers and path breakers.The variety of styles, changing combinations and revivals point to a continual search for tradition integrated with an innovative look.
Clumsy models are not feasible apart from specialty constructions. Ours is an age of fashionable cultural creations together with functionality according to a structural engineer from IIT. There is always a quaint charm attached to culturally built models. However the particular end user determines the preference. Features such as sloped roof, Mangalore tiles, wooden scallops etc, have always attracted the interest of people and many customers are in favor of red oxide flooring.
This concept is the basis of design it should inspire those who see it and give them an idea about the owner.The nature and selection of materials used will be influenced by the topographical survey spiced by a mix of light and color. One of the main factors that need to be tackled is the climate of the region. One may be inclined to imitate the styles of the west but the climatic conditions of India will decide the appropriateness and comfort of the building.
The combination of building technology, building materials, ecology and the local climate will go together to give the built form. There are no static needs. hey change along with individual perceptions and here is where the architect dons the attire of a graphical artist and psychologist. The job of the architect is to think and plan the customized construction that will come out of the concrete waste.Their building forms have a space and sensory perception of their own. He has to decide on the right choice of location for construction, geometrical layout, electrical and plumbing designs etc.
He should be able to communicate his design and emphasize its worth and importance. His expertise depends on finding the common ground between the builder and the owner and specialty constructions are radiant testimonies to be admired.Both the clients as well as the architectural community's needs can be satisfied by the architect.
The prime architect is actually the owner who provides the resources for the project.The construction ultimately has to satisfy the owner having a good infrastructure,being within framed standards, having inherent safety measures and support services. A small operator can never carry on this business.
This is because such investments do not bring in sufficient returns, Joint ventures fail to be profitable for owners and registration norms are reducing the possibilities. Along with this a robust demand for construction continues to exist. So many factors join together to constitute this. There are several avenues of employment that bring in wealth. Wealth and affluence lead to foreign travel and in this way the living style goes up. Putting this need into effectiveness involves fulfilling the requirements of clients.
In order to satisfy the needs of modem refinement the house should not become unused remains. Style should be a vehicle of expressing oneself. Whatever the class of the persons nobody should have to get mired in low quality lifestyle. Even when building for the lower end segment, there should be some good show of aesthetic sense along with simple applications.
The city has not been made use of fully. There is enough space to handle the demand. Developments are confined to a few clusters although there is space for construction. Aesthetics are mainly reflected in residences whereas a mix of aesthetics and feasibility is indicated in industrial buildings and other business places. In today's context the right kind of architecture would consist of making a workable space with subdued light and air that should be simple, snug and proper.It should provide a relief from the stress of city life. An architect must be honest, genuine and having a contemporary outlook. He should be able to come out with splendid designs and also should keep up with the rules of vaastu.
A smooth change to modernity fitting with the tradition can be accomplished in any kind of construction. The general inclination is to opt for using modern building materials while using the latest technologies available. Space planning has gone from cubicles to wide open spaces that can be altered as needed with stress on flexibility in inner planning. Up to date elements are lighter in feel and appearance and provide more transparency. They are also available in colors that are livelier.Construction today is quick and ready made being a mix of speed and availability. There are pre assembled fixtures, frames and panels that are brought to the site. Some necessary application features are present in apartments like water and waste management together with in-house amenities such as a gym and pool.They are designed for community living in which many use the installed facilities.The procedures of construction are done with modem tools and it has become a high order business.
Fashions in modem architecture have been goaded by change which is the only variant.Development is mainly caused by technological advancement.A shift beginning from construction materials to the use of tailor-made fittings has been observable.Maintenance that is free of hassles together with a sensible look is looked for by people.In every aspect there is orientation towards detail. The property attracts on account of its resale value.The owner can take pride in a good building.It is an indicator of the architect's capacity for thought 
Most people like to have something different and outstanding in their construction.At least a small feature should be distinct from others, such as a small courtyard, a landscaped terrace and the use of latest technology.Most of these are only in the inner spaces and the outer part is unobtrusive. Architecture is an attempt to harmonize creative instincts, space and living in comfort.These together make up the art of living.  

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