Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to protect your property

How to protect your property
One has to spend a great amount of time and money in owning a dream house. If one is living in a rental house then you have got to shed money as much as demanded to reside in apartments.
Unwrap the newspaper or turn the news channel on; one can witness the increasing number of crimes in the City and strange forms of robbery that has left many of us with the feeling of insecurity.
Many of those living in independent houses, especially those in remote places feel they are the primary target of the offenders. In cruel cases the housebreaker goes to the extreme of killing innocent old people, women or kids just for the sake of money and materials. So, the immediate question rising in one’s mind is: ‘are we safe in this civilized Society’?
On the other hand people residing in apartments are timid. Despite employing vigilant safe guards, some of the minor but life risking mistakes we tend to overlook are unlocking the upstairs gate or leaving no information to security guards about what has to be done in the absence of the Owner.
No definite remedy can be sought to curb robbery completely in this Country, but one can be assured of his or her safety by following few guidelines set by our City police Officials. Police force strongly recommends employing efficient and skilled safety guards. One must devote some time and money to mould these Security Guards according to the current needs of Society.
It is advisable to spend money for employing two trained guards and make them work in two shifts a day. Don’t ask the watchman to do your daily chores because professional offenders will be biding their time. When you’re away from your house instruct your watchman to keep tab on every Visitor since burglars disguise themselves as Visitors. One has to make sure that the entrance to the house is inaccessible to burglars.
But what exactly is happening in our Society is that every day there are crimes such as abduction, robbery and other social evils. It is better not to risk your life by paying less and employing incapable persons, instead pay little more and employ capable persons.

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