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Marketing a house is always a challenge. Just like inoculations, house owners usually want to get the sale transaction completed as quickly as possible. Here are some fengshui tips to help your house move faster.

Correctly place your 'for sale' sign. Make sure the 'for sale' sign is to the right of the front door as you look at it. This is the yang, or energetic, side of the house.Prospective buyers must be engaged in every way possible. Use these ideas to engage the senses of buyers at your home. Use lots of horizontal space. Clear off all the tops of everything (dressers, counters, shelves, etc.). Draw the eye to the comer diagonal to the door to each room. This makes the room feel larger and makes buyers focus on a fengshui good luck area. Make sure all entries and rooms can be entered easily and comfortably and that there are no mirrors opposite any door. Keep your home from being dead still by keeping something moving such as ceiling fans. Place a fountain close to the front of the house or keep music playing at all times, especially in the northwest comer of the house.

According to fengshui, earthy scents ate the most appealing to the widest range of people. So, opt for cinnamon and pine scents rather than floral or vanilla scents.The front door is the most important area of the house in fengshui. Keep it immaculate, with lights turned on in front in the foyer, a new doormat and have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants and flowers.

Have a table in the foyer or front room of the house, on the right as you enter the front door, with business cards,literature, a bowl of chocolates or cinnamon candies, and small vase of fresh flowers. Put this on a red-colored cloth. Make sure business cards are in an acrylic holder so they are not playing down on the job. The northwest comer of a home is considered as the 'helpful people area'. Activate it with music playing here.

In fengshui,kitchens are prosperity and health areas. Insist on clear counters, clean, organized pantry, and wastebaskets and knives out of sight. Place a small, lush plant and jar full of cookies on the counter.Buyers should never see a toilet when they enter a house or a room. Toilet lids should remain down and doors to bathrooms should always be closed.

Make sure there are no plants touching the house. This draws energy away from the house. No spindly plants since it make the house seem like it is dying. Give all the plants in and around your house a good sprucing up and no dead plants whatsoever.

To assist you over the mental hurdle of leaving buy the new owners a small gift such as a new front door mat or crystal candy dish filled with chocolates because chocolate is excellent fengshui.

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